St Benedict's inspires and extends the interests, talents and skills of boys through a range of co-curricular options that each boy can passionately pursue through age appropriate developmental stages.

The purpose of the Co-Curricular Program is to:

  • Provide an experience for every boy that enables them to grow in a range of chosen skills.
  • Develop their leadership and service.
  • Gain cultural experience.
  • Expose boys to public performance where they can showcase the skills they learn.

Our heritage and tradition is enhanced through a world-class program with an outstanding national and international reputation. We offers students a range of Co-Curricular programs such as:

  • Scouts
  • Cadets
  • Chess
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Drama
  • Media
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Western Music
  • Eastern Oriental Dancing 

Scots Extra Activities (SEA)

These activities are held outside the normal School hours, usually after school, sometimes before, and are made available to students in the Preparatory School. A boy who has the opportunity to participate in as wide a range of activities as he can adequately manage will benefit greatly from the experiences provided.


Clubs and Societies

The College provides a range of voluntary extra-curricular activities as boys grow older to enable more diversity in addition to co-curricular activities. This gives opportunities for boys to be involved in a co-curricular stream, and express their interests in additional activities. These activities are not foundational to the College ethos but are based around mutually shared interests of boys and as such may vary from one year to the next in availability.